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We can provide you a number of services at effinmod. Our core services center around the Web, but we do have other skills as well. Below is a list of some of the things we can do, along with some brief descriptions.

Web Design

Our core services are Web design and marketing, and we take every project seriously. We love what we do, and Web design is our passion, and above all our customers come first. Our goal is to build strong relationships with our customers based on trust, and we see ourselves as stewards of the Web. That means that we strive to produce the highest quality of Web design possible.

Usability Architecture

Usability is one of ideas that often gets thrown around to scare people. We really get it though, and as far as we're concerned, no project should be undertaken by us without taking into consideration its impact on a potential user. We want your customers to feel empowered and engaged. Usability architecture accomplishes this.

Information Architecture

How will your site be structured? What kind of content types do you have? What is the nature and volume of the content? Has it been properly categorized? Is your Information design scalable? These might seem like daunting questions, but they are important. In order to provide your site visitors with a smooth experience, it is important to have good answers to questions like this. Understanding how your information will be structured is key to enabling your visitors to easily find and navigate your site content.

Content Management Systems

The value of a well tuned Content Management System can't be overstated. In terms of administration of a site, and editorial control, it is the best possible solution. However, just building a site on a stock CMS platform doesn't give you the distinction your site needs. That's why we custom design the interface for all the CMS platforms we use.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Visibility is one of those "buzz words" that gets thrown around to strike fear into the heart of content owners. SEV/SEO is not difficult at its foundation, though. The main key here is to have a good picture of your content, and be able to describe it well. We can guide you through the process of making sure your content is properly organized and well structured. In the end, that's where you get the best results. Consistency counts.

Logo and Identity

If you are planning a site for a new business, you may not have a logo yet, just as you may not have a domain name. That's okay, developing your identity is something we'd love to help with. If you need help with your logo and branding, let us know, and we will help you build your identity.

Marketing Materials

If you need brochures, business cards, door hangers, posters, letterhead, or other printed marketing materials, let us know. We have excellent pricing, and use reliable printing vendors with high-quality materials. We can also design your marketing materials for you. Another important consideration is the consistency between your online presence and your printed marketing materials. By using us for both, you can guarantee a clear and consistent vision across all your marketing efforts.

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